Miss Chan Takes A Trip

‘Inventions R Us’ read the sign. Blossom Chan knocked hesitantly.
“Come in.”
She entered, finding herself facing a large mahogany desk. Thomas Edison Jr., wearing a grey suit, pink shirt and yellow bow tie, glanced up from a pile of complicated-looking schematics.
“Miss Chan I presume?”
“Yes sir.” She smoothed her silky black hair.
“Now, you understand that my, ah, machine is top secret!”
“Yes, sir, I no tell anyone!”
“The payment’s cleared and your reason is entirely your business – of course.”
Blossom Chan blushed.
Edison led her to a lift and they descended several stories before entering a laboratory crammed with equipment.
Huge transformers hummed, switchboards blinked, relays clacked.
A door slid back revealing a small chamber.
”What year did you require?”
“2046.” Blossom passed Edison a slip with details.
He typed into a keypad. “Take this fob. When you’re ready to come back just press this button three times. Ready?”
“I ready,” she smiled nervously.
The door closed, Edison pressed a button, the room shook momentarily and Blossom Chan disappeared into the future.
Edison smiled. Another satisfied customer! Then his face fell, “Oh dear, oh deary me.” On the floor of the empty chamber lay a fob…

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